Publishing Party Banner

On March 27, 2024, M.E. Lewis had the extraordinary honor of hosting a publishing party that went beyond our wildest dreams, and the cherry on top was having the remarkable published author, Michaela A. Carter, grace us with her presence as our guest speaker.

From the moment Michaela stepped into the room, the air buzzed with excitement. She shared her journey as a writer, weaving tales of challenges turned into triumphs, and inspired our young authors to dream big and keep writing.

The students presented their works with pride, their faces glowing with accomplishment as they read excerpts from their very own published pieces. The joy and sense of achievement were palpable, making it a celebration to remember.

A huge thank you to Michaela A. Carter for inspiring us; to Sharon Hill, Instructional Specialist for Pre-K to 2nd Grade, and Regina Butts, Director of Family Connections—Communities In Schools of Hancock County, Inc., for spearheading this event; to the teachers for their unwavering support; and to the parents for nurturing these young minds. Together, we've created a nurturing environment where creativity knows no bounds, and every story finds its voice.

Here's to many more celebrations of imagination, creativity, and the power of the written word.